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This past Friday & Saturday the KREOA sponsored the Spring Clean Up Event.  We had 111 homeowners on Friday and 92 homeowners on Saturday for a total of 203. We completely filled 12 large dumpsters with household debris, junk, and yard waste. Gary Shoop and his two sons, Eric and James, worked full time both days (20 hours each) helping to unload all of the material that the
homeowners brought to dump. Our other volunteers, Marty Grant, Marybeth Little, Richard Pierce-Sather, Carol Zink and Mike Zink contributed a total of 50 hours of their time helping to plan, organize, and carry out this event. On Friday, two gentlemen from Bidwell Marina showed up with a backhoe and used it to compact all of the debris and yard waste in the dumpsters. That was a great help since all of the dumpsters were getting full. The KREOA Board of Directors want to express their sincere appreciation to all of those KREOA Members who took the time to thank all of the volunteers for a well organized event! Pictures of the Spring Clean Up Event are included (click on the first picture to see the slide show). The first picture is of Gary Shoop and his two sons, Eric and James, whose Herculean efforts helped make our event a success!





Gary Shoop and sons helping neighbors unload.

Kelly Ridge Estates is a wonderful community perched on a ridge overlooking LAKE OROVILLE, with the Sierras to the east and the valley coast range to the west. Our area is surrounded by the lake and state park, so we enjoy a peaceful secluded setting, yet we are only 10 minutes from downtown Oroville.  The altitude is about 1,000 feet above sea level. This, combined with the deep lake, keeps our summers cooler and our winter days considerably warmer than the valley floor below. Our schools are in the top of California School Systems.